Customized Training Options

At our disposal, we have a variety of training options to accommodate different time restraints and requirements or training needs. Additionally, we are more than willing to customize training programs to precisely meet your needs as well as the needs of your staff.

You have the flexibility to either schedule a webinar to initiate the training process or opt for custom all-day or multi-day training packages. Irrespective of your choice, we are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share our valuable tips and tricks with you!

Getting Started Training Options

Out-of-the-Box Webinar (1 Hour - 1 Seat)

To help you kickstart your experience with the new interactive flat panel, we have organized an easy-to-schedule webinar. This webinar will cover the basics of operating your panel and is designed for participants to sign up for individual webinar seats. Participants must have access to their panel during the webinar because we will guide and assist them in setting up and customizing it to their preferences. Furthermore, this interactive session aims to empower participants to take full advantage of their interactive flat panel right from the start.

Onsite Getting Started (Half Day / Full Day)

Designed specifically for users who are either new to the technology or seeking a better understanding of its utilization, the Getting Started training package offers a comprehensive curriculum to ensure participants are up and running with their new technology. This training package covers a pre-defined curriculum that systematically guides participants through the essential aspects of the technology. Its aim is to provide a solid foundation and enable users to confidently utilize the technology to its fullest potential.

Group Training Options

Full-Year Trickle Training

Our team will design a full-year trickle training program to support technology implementations from start to finish. To begin, the professional development will cover the basics of the new technology, and then it will progress to encompass everything from software usage to best practices in the classroom. Throughout the entire year, we will be readily available for training and support.

Train the Trainer

The Train the Trainer program empowers us to cultivate experts at your location. At the heart of our approach is the belief in nurturing a culture that fosters in-house experts who are deeply passionate about ed-tech. Participants will engage in collaborative learning, mastering the usage of the new technology, and delving into a comprehensive curriculum that spans from fundamental principles to advanced software applications and training techniques. This program is highly flexible and can be tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring a customized learning experience for your team.

Virtual Tech Coach

Introducing our Virtual Tech Coach program, a comprehensive solution designed to offer year-long support through regularly scheduled webinars. These webinars provide consistent and convenient training for teachers in easily digestible portions. The package consists of eight one-hour webinars, thoughtfully crafted to address your specific site requirements. Within this program, our webinars can explore a wide range of topics, encompassing updates, troubleshooting, software usage, and panel training. This adaptable approach ensures that you receive tailored guidance and support throughout the year.

Planning Period Day (Half Day / Full Day)

Among our diverse range of training options, one option particularly stands out in popularity: Planning Period training days. This choice has gained high acclaim due to its ability to accommodate various factors, including different schedules, training needs, and skill levels. Through the provision of custom-tailored training, we guarantee that the sessions align precisely with your specific requirements, all within the comfort and convenience of your preferred location. It's through Planning Period training days that we truly demonstrate our unwavering commitment to delivering a personalized and flexible training experience.

Customizable Training Options

Customized Training - Onsite (Half Day / Full Day)

Through close collaboration with your team, we will collaboratively design customized professional development sessions that are finely tuned to address your district's unique technology requirements. The duration and group size of these sessions will be adjusted based on your selected topics, typically ranging from one to two hours in length. Our approach to these sessions prioritizes active engagement, immersing participants in hands-on learning to ensure a practical and immersive learning experience. Furthermore, we encourage a dynamic learning environment by providing ample opportunities for interactive Q&A sessions, enabling active participation and knowledge exchange.

Customized Training - Virtual (Half Day / Full Day)

As a core component of our services, we offer personalized virtual training for groups through live webinars. These webinars feature focused breakout sessions lasting 45-60 minutes, with a dedicated emphasis on classroom technology. These sessions are highly adaptable, both in terms of duration and content, ensuring they align precisely with your specific needs. Our primary goal is to create an environment that fosters active participation. Through this approach, participants collaborate with us, enabling a more immersive and hands-on learning experience.

"The training session was FANTASTIC! I loved the opportunity for an actual person to come help us individually and as a group - virtual just doesn't always meet the needs of the audience. Amy was GREAT!"

Audrey Farmer, Teacher, USD 444

I think everything was presented great! I liked how you would explain a chunk of material then go do it, come back do more! It made things very easy for a non-tech person like me!

Danita Gordon, Teacher, Green City R-I

NOTE: Onsite training delivered more than 100 miles from the KCAV office in Kansas City or Omaha are subject to travel expenses.

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