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Interactive Displays - What's the Hype All About?

Also known as "interactive whiteboards" or "smartboards", interactive displays are whiteboards with advanced technology that reacts to user input either directly or through other devices. With cloud-based interactive software and the use of in-store apps, classrooms and businesses alike can now create compelling content that will have everyone wanting to engage and collaborate better than before. 

Interactive Displays in Education

Easy-to-use interactive software and the ability to add apps allows teachers to create hands-on lessons, getting students out of their seats.


Interactive Displays in Business

Most interactive displays are all-in-one devices and feature built-in software apps, ensuring all participants are connected and able to engage in the meeting quickly.

Why Are Interactive Displays So Popular?

Interactive displays work well with other technologies.

  • In the classroom, view and mark up student writing in class or project a live organism under your document camera.
  • During a business meeting, view individual poll results in real-time, and collaboratively edit or annotate a PDF document.
  • Allow a student or a meeting attendee student to share something from their 1:1 device. 

Incorporating web-based and previously-created content is easy on interactive displays.

  • Teachers can use lessons they’ve already been using in the classroom, making the initial implementation hurdle much easier to manage.
  • Business users have easy access to OneDrive and other business storage locations.
  • Incorporating PDFs, images, and videos, as well as fun drag-and-drop simulations is easy on interactive displays.
  • Seamlessly capture websites and screenshots to provide all-encompassing notes for those who need to revisit the notes.

Interactive displays make it easy to engage participants.

  • Small groups can solve problems, collaborate, and create content at the interactive display.
  • Some interactive displays also have 10- to 20-point touch technology, allowing groups to interact with content simultaneously.
  • Teachers are also able to send individual interactive activities to 1:1 devices for individual or small-group instruction.

Interactive displays are kid magnets.

  • Interactive displays allow easy use of multimedia technology, including videos and music for a fun learning environment.
  • Students can play learning games on the interactive display.
  • Kids can draw and write on the display, seeing their work come to life.

Interactive Display Options for Education and Business

Different people and organizations require different solutions. What works in one classroom may not work in another. Fortunately, KCAV is an audio-visual company with access to many different AV solutions. No matter the size of your conference room, meeting space, or classroom, we can find the perfect interactive display that suits your goals and fits your budget.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPs)

Interactive flat panel displays like SMART interactive displays, the Clear Touch lineup, or Boxlight ProColor series maximize engagement with ultra-high definition (4K UHD) display technology that offers vivid images. Multi-touch and gesture interactivity make presentations memorable. 

At KCAV, we have access to IFPs from a variety of manufacturers, but it's important that you know the right questions to ask of any vendor when selecting the best interactive flat panel for your needs. 


Interactive Projectors

Interactive projectors like the Epson BrightLink 1485Fi 3-LCD Interactive Laser Ultra-Short projector provide a solid interactive experience and can be easier on a budget, especially if you need to fill a large space of 100" or more.

Laser projectors offer a far brighter display than traditional lamp projectors and also require less maintenance as they don't utilize traditional bulbs. The one major drawback - do not install interactive projectors on uneven surfaces as it can significantly affect the performance of the touch tracking system.

Portable Interactive Whiteboard Devices

Working on a shoestring budget? The MimioTeach turns your dry-erase board into an interactive whiteboard that affords you both interactivity and portability. Simply attach the MimioTeach to a wall, dry-erase board, or other surfaces with a strong magnet or adhesive strip. In conjunction with a projector, this addition to your whiteboard allows you to turn a projected space into an interactive flat panel. Transportation from room to room is easy!

The MimioTeach makes any whiteboard interactive with a computer and a projector.
The MimioTeach makes any whiteboard interactive with a computer and a projector.

Specialty Interactive Displays

Clear Touch offers a convertible mobile stand that easily transitions the flat panel display from a lecture environment to a flat table. The flexibility of this type of interactive display accommodates all participants for all accessibility needs and encourages collaboration. These displays can also be a good fit for corporate offices where teams collaborate on projects that require touchscreen interactivity.

The Clear Touch Mini Convertible Stand is designed exclusively for Clear Touch 7000 Series panels.
The Clear Touch Mini Convertible Stand is designed exclusively for Clear Touch 7000 Series panels.

Sustainable Interactive Flat Panel Solution

The NEXT Hub by Clear Touch offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for upgrading interactive displays. By removing the need to replace functional hardware and extending the lifespan of existing displays, the NEXT helps reduce electronic waste and promotes a more sustainable approach to classroom technology. This sustainable solution allows schools to prioritize technological innovation while minimizing their environmental footprint.

NT23-NEXT-Product-Image-Lens-Cap Large

NEXT Hub Features

The NEXT Hub by Clear Touch upgrades older interactive panels affordably and sustainably by integrating modern OS, EDLA certification for top-notch security, and easy access to Google apps.
Experience enhanced audio with dual 10W speakers, a 6-array mic for an 8m range, and HC200's
4K visuals. Compatible with Collar Microphone for clear communication, it comes preloaded with
Collage, Chorus, and Command software for a seamless experience on Android 13.


Compare the cost of ownership between a projector versus an interactive flat panel.

Many classrooms contain a 4-ft high whiteboard, and the largest 16:10 projected image you can get to fit the dry-erase board with a projector is 78”. At that point, it is good to compare the cost of ownership for an interactive flat panel to the projector. You may find the projector is a more expensive alternative than a 75” interactive flat panel. 

We always recommend doing your due diligence when researching audio-visual equipment. To help you compare the total cost of ownership of a projector versus an interactive flat panel, download our free Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) worksheet.

Some of Our Most Popular Interactive Display Brands

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