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We're passionate about creating classroom change with educational AV solutions for K-12 environments that promote engagement, collaboration, and learning.ย 

Just ask our experienced on-staff educators.ย 

Create Engaging Spaces to LEARN with K-12 Audiovisual Solutions

KCAV partners with K-12 entities, both large and small, to create engaging spaces to LEARN.

Many years of working with hundreds of school districts across the Midwest gives us the confidence to offer suggestions based on experience, not just hearsay. In addition, our on-staff former classroom educators can offer implementation strategies that combine the latest K-12 education audiovisual technologies with effective pedagogy.

Interactive Displays

Interact with lessons on brilliant, attention-capturing displays.

Interactive displays have become a cornerstone of K-12 education audiovisual solutions, captivating students and enhancing engagement. To ensure you have access to the most competitive prices, we collaborate with a range of manufacturers.

Moreover, Kansas City Audio-Visual K-12 Education Solutions goes the extra mile by offering onsite demos and pilot programs for schools and businesses within our service area. This hands-on approach allows you to make informed comparisons and find the interactive display solution that aligns perfectly with both your requirements and budget.

Classroom Audio

When students hear better, they learn better.

The research supporting the effectiveness of classroom audio is clear: improved auditory experiences lead to better learning outcomes. Regardless of your classroom's size, implementing a K-12 education solutions classroom audio system offers a powerful opportunity to enhance concentration, reduce behavioral challenges, and boost academic performance.

Furthermore, the advantages extend beyond enhanced learning environments. When you combine a classroom audio system with an intercom and bell system, along with a security alert system, you can maximize the returns on your investment.ย 

Large Venues & Common Spaces

Update gymnasiums, stadiums, auditoriums, commons and cafeterias.

While Kansas City Audio-Visual K-12 Education Solutions offerings extend beyond mere projector and display sales, we understand the significance of large venues within your institution. These communal spaces serve as valuable assets for both the school and the wider community, and our team is well-prepared to assist you in revitalizing them.

Moreover, there are exciting opportunities to explore. Consider allowing your marketing club to sell ads on the Jumbotron scoreboard, or take it a step further by installing a dynamic video wall to showcase district highlights.

Digital Signage

Keep students, staff, parents and community members up to date.

Digital signage can be your powerful ally in keeping everyone informed and engaged. Whether you're looking to display the latest announcements, boost attendance at upcoming events, or create awareness about important matters, digital signage has you covered.

In fact, some schools have taken it a step further by using digital signage to showcase digital yearbooks. Beyond that, it's an effective tool for fostering school spirit and enhancing the overall school culture. Recognizing the achievements of both students and staff becomes effortless with our user-friendly hardware and software solutions.

Safety & Security

Take measures to protect students and staff from illness, bullying and violence.

Ensuring safety and security is paramount when it comes to creating conducive learning environments. One way to achieve this is through the integration of an intercom and bell system with a responsive security alert system, ensuring rapid reaction from first responders whenever needed.

In addition to these measures, Kansas City Audio-Visual K-12 Education Solutions physical surveillance systems offer comprehensive coverage. Facility administrators gain the ability to monitor key areas such as entrances, bathrooms, locker rooms, and more. This not only helps address concerns related to intruders and bullying but also allows for monitoring vaping, temperature, humidity, and noise levels.

Blended Learning

Combine engaging online learning and face-to-face solutions

As educators strive to engage students effectively, the ever-evolving educational landscape has schools searching for innovative solutions, particularly in the context of blended classrooms. We understand these challenges and are here to provide cutting-edge solutions.

From state-of-the-art tracking cameras to discreet classroom microphones and interactive learning software designed to work seamlessly across various devices, we offer a comprehensive array of tools to equip your classroom. Whether teachers and students are physically in the classroom, learning from home, or a combination of both, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

Professional Development

Empower educators in the transition to digital teaching.

While you've made a substantial investment in technology, it's essential to recognize that the seamless integration of technology with effective teaching strategies doesn't happen overnight. To ensure your staff can harness the full potential of their new technology, quality professional development is a must.

Rest assured, our Kansas City Audio-Visual K-12 Education Solutions team of dedicated educators is well-prepared to support your staff on this journey. We offer a diverse range of training options, including both onsite and webinar packages, to cater to your specific needs and budget. With these resources at your disposal, we're confident in our ability to help your staff excel with their new technology.

It was a great pleasure on our end to work with a company and its employees that had our best interests in mind the whole time...

- Keith Kelley, Technology Coordinator -

Jefferson C-123 School District | Conception Junction, MO

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