Higher Education
Audiovisual Solutions

Our higher education audiovisual solutions can satisfy today's university students will expect the same technology they experience in their daily lives to be on their university campus too. 

Is your campus prepared to meet higher customer expectations?

Create Engaging Spaces to SHARE with Higher Education Audiovisual Solutions

KCAV partners with higher ed entities, both big and small, to create engaging spaces to SHARE.

From video walls in large-scale medical buildings to video recording in state-of-the-art research wind tunnels, our higher education audiovisual technologies can enhance the facilities that make your university campus unique. 

Collaboration Spaces

Harness the power of collaboration; we're better together.

Flexible furniture options and corporate audiovisual solutions can improve the ability for both students and staff to collaborate. It's a new paradigm for education that is changing the way classrooms look. Let us help you move from desks in rows to classroom settings where students can share knowledge and solve problems in ways they'll inevitably be working in future careers.

Remote Learning

Remove space and time barriers to expand access to learning.

Higher education audiovisual is changing education and allowing university students to access their education anytime and from anywhere. The choices in displays, microphones, and recording and streaming technologies for distance learning and blended learning environments can be overwhelming. We can help you wade through the hype and suggest tools that will meet your needs and not blow your budget.

Digital Signage

Display messages campus-wide from one location.

Menus in the cafeteria, instantaneously updated signage in the library and student union, emergency notifications across campus...whatever your messaging may be, digital signage makes it easily visible by everyone. We offer multiple options for digital signage and a variety of display devices to fit your purpose, whether it's in the football stadium or the alumni center. 

Audio Solutions

Make your voice heard in a room of 25 or a lecture hall of 500.

University classes aren't a one-size-fits-all; audio systems aren't either. Our designers will use their system knowledge to design the best audio system for your space, whether it's a lecture hall, a drop-ceiling classroom, or an auditorium. We'll take into consideration all the many factors that influence sound in a space and work with you to get the best system for your needs. 

Video Solutions

Implement simple, yet powerful, solutions to observe, capture and stream.

We offer innovative solutions for increasing the use of video to improve effectiveness across a wide variety of programs - recording and developing clinical skills; recording interviews for medical/behavioral research; recording focus groups and product testing; and capturing video in any simulation environment.  

Without our vendor partner KCAV, and the extreme attention to detail and customer/quality service (and downright hard work!) provided by our KCAV consultant, we would NOT be ready for classes to start.

- Diane Richmond, Director of Learning Technologies -

Truman State University | Kirksville, MO

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