Document Cameras

Magnify and share your work for easy collaboration. 


Document Cameras -
A Versatile Tool for Presenting

Document cameras, often referred to as "Elmos" or "doc cams," have kicked the overhead projector to the curb and replaced it with a tool that provides less mess with much more functionality.

This technology gives every audience member a front row seat, taking any object and making it as visible as possible for everyone in the room, no matter where you're sitting. 

If you have remote participants, document cameras allow you to display items such as books, documents, living things, and learning materials while presenting online. 

See Some of Our Most Popular Cameras in Action

We provide a wide variety of document camera options from some of the most recognized brands in the world. Don't let their small statures fool you; document cameras are beasts. Just wait until you see the picture quality!

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Document Camera Use Case Scenarios

The most common use for document cameras is now as a replacement for overhead projectors, BUT there are many additional uses for doc cams in classrooms and offices. We don't refer to document cameras as "versatile technology" for no reason!

TT-12F Document Camera from Elmo
TT-12F Document Camera from Elmo

For Classrooms

  • Put student writing under the doc cam to have students point out the good points, the points that need work, or to practice proofreading.
  • Change up Show-and-Tell by having students present their item under the document camera.
  • Record a lab that is too expensive or time consuming to repeat but that absent students would benefit from watching.
  • Show a timer under the doc cam to assist students with time management.
  • Share a book that is too big and/or too expensive to purchase for every student.
  • Document chicks hatching or plants growing - anything that shows progress - with time lapse photography. This is perfect for science fair projects!

For Offices

  • Turn your flex head doc cam up to use as a web cam.
  • Share a meeting agenda to everyone in the boardroom with one display.
  • Showcase the hard copies of your work to everyone, including remote collaborators easily.
  • Record yourself explaining directions for teammates who may need training or a catch up on a current project.
  • Take periodic images of work done under the doc camera to share progress on a project.
  • Easily demonstrate how to use a a new piece of technology or software.
  • Diagram a project with coworkers and allow everyone to be able to see and collaborate.
Hovercam Solo 8 being used by teacher on desk

Doc Cam Shopping Tips

Comparing document cameras will help you get the best bang for your buck and avoid purchasing a camera with costly features that you might realistically never use.

We've put together some lingo and tips to help you compare document cameras and choose the best one for you.

Our Most Popular Document Camera Brands

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