Audiovisual Solutions

Whether your goal is to attract more customers or to engage a new generation of employees, we offer a variety of corporate audiovisual solutions. 

Is your business prepared for a shift to digital and hybrid work?

Create Engaging Spaces to WORK with Corporate Audiovisual Solutions

KCAV partners with businesses, both big and small, to create engaging spaces to WORK.

If you're focused on creating a successful environment for connection with customers and collaboration with colleagues, we're confident you'll find it in our large selection of corporate audiovisual solutions.

Conference Room Design

Connect employees and clients - inside or outside the office.

Struggling with conference room technology that is one out of ten of your employees actually knows how to use? Our goal is "walk-in-and-make-it-work" technology that makes it easy for anyone to use - with a consistent, reliable experience every time. We'll help you combine video-conferencing, wireless content-sharing, and integrated audio into one, easy-to-use platform.

Digital Signage

Boost brand awareness while engaging clients and staff.

Boost brand awareness with digital signage as customers wait in your office lobby with the latest stock news, health updates, or company events and updates. Internally, it's a snap to engage employees with internal digital signage showing the latest KPIs, meeting dates, staff birthdates and anniversaries, or upcoming staff events. 


Create spaces that foster creativity and collaboration.

Whether you're looking for small spaces for an unplanned brainstorming session with a colleague or a larger space where you plan to bring large groups for planning sessions and a fluid sharing and organizing of ideas, we have corporate audiovisual collaboration solutions that are a perfect complement to your agile workspace. You can even save ideas and send meeting notes to participants before they even return to their desk! 

Safety & Security

Protect your most valuable assets - your human capital.

The right employees are your most valuable assets. What are you doing to keep them safe? We offer easy-to-install enterprise physical security solutions that over access control, environmental sensors for building monitoring. In addition to physical security threats, we also offer end-point protection solutions that protect against the ever-expanding cyber threats. 

Flex Spaces

Transform your space to accommodate different audiences and purposes.

Flex spaces are becoming more and more popular, allowing companies to take advantage of a space for multiple purposes. Using flexible furniture and well-designed audiovisual components, the audio and visuals in the room can accommodate a large number of uses, no matter how the room is configured. A large training room may do double-duty as individual huddle spaces during the day, or a commons area may serve as a place for all-company meetings, town halls, or special events. 

KCAV has been our source for audio visual solutions for some time.  When our president asked us to bring some “wow factor” to our headquarters, KCAV is who we called….and they delivered! We could not be more pleased with what KCAV has done for us.

- Bill Meyer, IT Director -

Monarch Cement Company | Humboldt, KS

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